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Thu, 09 Feb 2006

Mod_perl2 and autoflush

Another "interesting" behaviour of mod_perl2: some of our web applications set the Perl autoflush variable ($| = 1) in order to send at least partial output to client, when generating the full output can be lengthy. It seems that mod_perl2 does not like autoflush on the output filehandle.

When the autoflush is enabled, the Apache sends only the first HTTP header to the client, and the rest of the headers together with the page body is sent as a HTTP response body. Moreover, an "internal server error" message is appended afterwards.

After numerous tests I have figured out that the problem is indeed in the autoflush feature, and disabling autoflush or at least setting it after all the headers has been sent fixes the problem. I have no idea why autoflush when sending out headers is broken on mod_perl2.

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