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Thu, 13 Dec 2007

HTML Elements?

How many HTML elements can you name in 5 minutes? Try it. I have scored 38, forgetting oh-so-many common ones...

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Stepan wrote: 44!

44, but with h1-6 ;)

Yenya wrote: Re: Stepan

I had h1-h6, but totally forgot about form tags.

Peter Kruty wrote: 37 :)

hmm so many fogoten .. forms mostly, meta, title, .. :) nice.

Vasek Stodulka wrote:

21. Looks like I'm not a web programmer.

petr_p wrote:

59. But I had to remember elements I had have never use and also I had problems to filter docbook elemenents :) After seeing 32 omitted elements, I realised how HTML is old.

contyk wrote:

56... funny I omitted those most common ones such as hN, head, title... :)

Bobby wrote:

41. And I forgot HTML tag itself :-)

Spes wrote:

48 in HTML quiz. Than I have a 30% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse :) and I'm 29% addicted to Apple. My dead body is worth $3625 and William Hewlett died on my birthday :-(

davro wrote:

51, I have guessed some tags I haven't ever used.

Pev wrote:

I had 38 and I lost ablut 30 sec at the beginning before I realized what was going on :). Thanks for nice link

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