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Fri, 06 Feb 2009

Filesystem Round-trip Time

It is not so long since I moved most of my personal machines (home computer, workstation at work, and both laptops) to the ext4 filesystem, which I have been already using for backup partitions for some time. However, these days the development in the filesystems area is really fast (and I am not even going into the networked FS area). So, what is next?

If you are thinking BTRFS, you are right. I have grabbed a fresh-from-git version of btrfs-progs (BTW, the release included in Fedora repository is well behind the kernel, get the git one), compiled it, and now my backup partition runs BTRFS.

The next task is to figure out how to add another partition to the existing filesystem in a mirror-like way, and how to use the FS should either of the disks/partitions crash.

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petr_p wrote: Filesystem in Round-trip Time

At first time, I understood title of this article as `Filesystem *in* Round-trip Time' and I recalled hypothetical storage described at [] immediately. After reading, I am really disappointed you did not save your data into such trustworthy file system :)

lali_da wrote: Btrfs Conversion from ...

Btrfs Conversion from Ext3 - exists: [] Btrfs Conversion from Ext4 - exists?

Matěj Cepl wrote: Too old?

Which distro you have? (for Fedora 10) seems pretty up-to-date to me ;-) And keep you backup in some safe place ... I had personally pretty rough experience with it (and I thought that loosing /tmp is not a problem ;-)).

Yenya wrote: Re: Too old?

Matěj, I am talking about btrfs-progs, not the kernel itself. And yes, I had to compile btrfs-progs myself from git sources. The current one in F10 is 0.15-4.fc10, which has build date Jun 30, 2008.

Matěj Cepl wrote: Re: Too old?

Take a look at (and I had no problems to rpmbuild --rebuild btrfs-progs from Rawhide)

Yenya wrote: Re: Too old?

Well, for me it was faster to git-clone and build (and to know that I have the latest-greatest sources) than to search Koji and only hoping the packages there are both recent enough, and buildable on F10. I do not fear the C compiler :-)

Matěj wrote: Re: Too old?

I don't fear gcc, but I admire our magicians, so I prefer koji from local builds (also searching koji is usually much faster than making my own package). Anyway, happy it works for you! That's what matters.

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