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Thu, 07 Jun 2007

Fedora 7

Just a brief note on my experience with Fedora 7: I have installed in on my laptop the day before the release, and now I have all my workstation except my dual-seat home computer upgraded. I have not found any significant changes in the user interface (which I guess is good). Newer versions of everything, of course (read the Release notes for an official list).

In the day of the release, we have even tried to use the second gigabit uplink of the faculty network, so the output of our FTP server has briefly exceeded 1 Gbit/s several times. So what are you waiting for? It is time for upgrade, and F7 will definitely not bite you!

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thingwath wrote:

Spell checking is nice, but I still have no idea how to tell epiphany to use Czech dictionary :-)

Honza wrote: Spellchecking in Firefox

I'm not sure what browser you actually use, but in Firefox it is enough to install the extension with the dictionary of the language you want to use (default language should be there)and then use right-click to switch languages.

Yenya wrote: Spellchecker

I have aspell-cs package installed, but setting "cs" or "cs_CZ" or "cs-CZ" in about:config/*spell* does not help, and after restarting the browser it returns back to the default of "en-US".

Petr wrote: Terminus

I've found the best font for terminals: terminus, it doesn't use font smoothing and it's great readable at 8pt size

Yenya wrote: Re: Terminus

A quick look revealed that Terminus font contains only 690 characters (no Kanji, and even no Hiragana and Katakana). Unusable for me.

Vasek Stodulka wrote:

Maybe here is a good place to ask: Are there some "legacy" kernels for Fedora? My crappy TV card does not work since 2.6.19, so I need 2.6.18 with kmod-lirc and kmod-nvidia. (And do not send me to bugzilla, the card is defective by design and moreover I think it is broken someway - it is a waste of time to repair the support fot it in kernel.)

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