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Thu, 17 Jan 2013

Fedora 18

Fedora 18 has finally been released after being delayed several times. So far my experience is not so bad - upgraded systems mostly work. What are the biggest problems?

Most of them of course are in the rewritten Anaconda/FedUp combo. In my opinion, developers should be explicitly told to not rewrite things from scratch, if there is at least a small possibility of getting to the similar set of features with incremental modifications. The problem is that the previous codebase mostly works, and have lots of working features even for many corner cases. This resembles the infamous gdm-2.20 rewrite. Here is the list of problems I have ran into so far, using F18 on my laptop, on my workstation at work, and on a testing virtual machine:

To sum it up, we are slowly heading to the distribution where find(1) and grep(1) are no longer the sysadmin's friends, and the sysadmin will need to use the specific D-Bus interfaces to talk to the most parts of the system. It is kind of sad.

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Peter Krutý wrote:

> FedUp provides no visual feedback about the progress of update. Who the f* wants to see the flashing Fedora logo during the upgrade, instead of some meaningful information? Are we trying to emulate MacOS or what? I see very nice progress bar, when my macbook is updating :).

Vašek Stodůlka wrote:

I switched to Debian with Gnome 3 and Gnome 2 removal. I'm probably too conservative (and old) for Fedora. :-)

Yenya wrote: Re: Vašek Stodůlka

The problem with Debian is that it is, well, Debian. I prefer RPM over DPKG for technical reasons, and I prefer my system without the mandatory GNU/ prefix for political reasons. I also like the short release cycle of Fedora.

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