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Thu, 06 May 2010

Why I don't Like Ubuntu

I am not very fond of Ubuntu because of their leecher's attitude when giving back to upstream. That said, I have considered Greg Kroah-Hartmann's LPC 2008 keynote being a bit rude. Two years later, I have to admit Greg K-H was right:

In this bug report they discuss a kernel performance problem in their enterprise version (LTS). Ted Ts'o has recommended a temporary fix while suggesting to focus on building their own kernel dev team in order to be able to solve such a problem faster.

In response, they have opened a Fedora bug.

Source: Dave Airlie's blog.

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Marcel Kolaja wrote:

LTS is not an enterprise version of Ubuntu.

neotronic wrote:

yeah, that is what I dislike about canonical too. They contribute to upstream rarely, rip off debian (i know, it's legal, but i don't think it's legitimate) and always tell the upstream developers, that is better to release the software so that ubuntu can integrate it than to release it when the upstream developers think it's ready to release .

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