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Thu, 12 Jul 2007

Dissecting a Hard Drive

In order to teach Iva something about computers (and, of course, out of my own curiosity), I brought a broken IBM 180 GB HDD home, and we have tried to dismantle it.

There was almost no surprise for me. The inner space of the drive was pretty simple and cleanly designed. Even the screws were almost uniform, with only two types of head used (Torx-10 and Torx-15). The interesting parts were the following:

Our future project is to get an older drive and compare how the technology has advanced over the years.

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Věroš wrote: Magnets

Great idea, I need two magnets to emulate locking on my car's fuel tank. Going to disassemble some old hard drives.

misch wrote: magnets

They are probably Neodymium or SmCo (Samarium-Cobalt) magnets. Don't try to stick larger magnets of this kind to your refrigerator, thery are really strong, and you will have a hard time removing them! :-) BTW: There is a magnet-shop named 'rootra' in Prague (, where some people buy strong but small magnets for microcaches. Alas, no such shop in Brno, AFAIK.

Stepan wrote: magnets (again)

In Brno, you can buy Neodyms at Selos, see You can see small examplet at

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