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Tue, 06 Nov 2007


I have installed Fedora 8 on my workstation. Everything works as expected, except the multihead support. I am getting the "Requested Entity already in use!" error message. The problem is that my xorg.conf uses two separate screens, instead of one screen merged by XRandR extension (which is apparently the preferred way of doing dual-head now).

While not a bad thing per se, XRandR seems to be unusable for my dual head setup: I want the workspace switcher work separately for each head. With XRandR, there is only one big virtual screen area, so the workspace switcher switches both heads at once.

I think XRandR would be useful for my laptop which has 16:10 screen, so the aspect ratio for the external beamer would be different. Also, it could allow to see the lecture notes together with slides when doing a presentation. Here is a little RandR dualhead howto.

My dear lazyweb, does anybody know how to do a multi-screen setup (as opposed to one virtual screen area) in XRandR? For now, I have downgraded to the Fedora 7 version of the ATI driver, which works the way I want. Bug reported as #368531.

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thingie wrote:

My WM can switch workspaces separately for each screen, so it is possible to do what you want even with one big virtual desktop across multiple screens. You only need better WM :o)

Yenya wrote: Re: thingie

GNOME workspace switcher also can switch virtual desktops separately for each screen. But with XRandR, you don't have two screens.

thingie wrote:

Screen = one head (physical device). Evil terminology :-)

heycam wrote:

I have the same problem. I found the latest xorg 6.6 broke, and was suggested to upgrade to 6.7 (with RandR 1.2). But that prevents me from doing the two-screens-with-separate-WMs trick to allow me to control workspaces on each independently. thingie, which WM do you have that allows this? (I'm using sawfish.)

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