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Fri, 25 Apr 2014

Buzzword Bingo

And the winner of today's Buzzword Bingo is ...

Project Atomic:

"Project Atomic integrates the tools and patterns of container-based application and service deployment with trusted operating system platforms to deliver an end-to-end hosting architecture that's modern, reliable and secure."

There is even the word "cloud" mentioned somewhere in their home page. I wonder what has happened to hackers and computer enthusiasts, when they are able and willing to put such a crap in their home pages. Apparently, the translation of the above is something like "We can run Docker applications under SElinux."

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dan wrote:

Agreed, but it's not that bad yet. Try to beat this :-): "The first of its kind to support IT's needs for data governance, security and oversight, and business users' desire for self-service discovery."

Yenya wrote: Re: dan


MartinK wrote:

Actually IIRC project Atomic (which is a fancy name for the underlying rpm-ostree project/tool) does atomic OS updates/deployments. You can install an update on your testing server, see if everything works and then generate an ostree delta. Then you can deploy the delta to your ostree using machines and atomically switch to the updated OS state (and back if you don't like it after all). This could work quite nicely for updating Docker containers. But indeed, it is not really apparent how the thing works from the default description.

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