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Mon, 14 Nov 2005

Applications of the day

I've came across few interesting apps recently, hope you find them useful as well:

Hmm, when I get mad enough to explore the dark corners of e-learning, xvidcap and key-status can be useful...

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Pavol Babincak wrote:

Output of colored grep is quite nice. Thank you. (o:

adelton wrote: F-Spot

OKay, I tried F-Spot this weekend -- it seems the program maintains its own storage for all the images, so unlike gthumb it forces its own way of dealing with the images. Also, its red-eye reduction feature is next to useless. What is your F-Spot experiance? Did I miss something obvious?

Yenya wrote:

Actually, I have not tried f-spot - I wanted to do so, but I have given up when I found that f-spot is mono-based.

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