Technical Reports

The report FIMU-RS-2010-06

Z-reachability Problem for Games on 2-dimensional Vector Addition Systems with States is in P

by Jakub Chaloupka, A full version of the paper presented at Workshop on Reachability Problems 2010 August 2010, 36 pages.

FIMU-RS-2010-06. Available as Postscript, PDF.


We consider a two-player infinite game with zero-reachability objectives played on a 2-dimensional vector addition system with states (VASS), the states of which are divided between the two players. Brázdil, Jančar, and Kučera (2010) have shown that for k > 0, deciding the winner in a game on k-dimensional VASS is in (k-1)-EXPTIME. In this paper, we show that, for k = 2, the problem is in P, and thus improve the EXPTIME upper bound.

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