Technical Reports

A list without abstracts sorted by year - 1998

Object-oriented Graphics Architectures for Global Illumination

by Jiří Sochor, Radek Oslejšek, December 1998, 17 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-08. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.


by Zdeněk Říha, December 1998, 43 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-07. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

MFCS`98 Workshop on Concurrency - Preproceedings

by Petr Jančar, Mojmír Křetínský, Pre-proceedings of the MFCS`98 Workshop on Concurrency (the PS file is NOT provided, as it is too large (approx. 30MB); take pdf (3.5 MB) instead). July 1998, 209 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-06. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Comparing the Classes BPA and BPA with Deadlocks

by Jiří Srba, This is a full version of the paper accepted to MFCS`98. June 1998, 36 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-05. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Constraints with Variables` Annotations

by Hana Rudová, This is an extended version of the paper accepted for presentation at ECAI-98. May 1998, 14 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-04. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Programmed Learning & Hypertext

by Jaroslav Pelikán, May 1998, 6 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-03. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Off-line Recognition of Cursive Handwritten Czech Text

by Pavel Smrž, Štěpán Hrbáček, Michal Martinásek, February 1998, 8 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-02. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

The Architecture of the Blind User Oriented Hypertext AUDIS

by Ivan Kopeček, February 1998, 7 pages.

FIMU-RS-98-01. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

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