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Thu, 20 Sep 2012

Hanwag Boots

Afters about 10 years, my Hanwag Alaska boots have disintegrated while I've been walking in the forest during this year's Svíčky. I will need a new boots. Which boots do you recommend, my dear lazyweb?

I have been satisfied with Alaska, and I have chosen them because the big part of the boot is made from one piece with only one seam i the back. However, the middle part of the sole has completely disintegrated. The consipration theory follows: I wonder whether it could be intentional from the manufacturer, in order to not allow their customers to use the product for more than 10 years. In my opinion it should be possible to find a material which lasts almost indefinitely. That said, from my previous experience the sole was the weakest part of all my previous boots in terms of endurance. So maybe it is perfectly OK to expect the boots to last only 10 years. What do you think?

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