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Mon, 30 Jun 2008


Two weeks ago (yes, I am too busy to write a blog now) I have been to Barcelona. One of the busiest tourist destinations in the world is definitely an interesting place.


I have spent most of the time at the conference, and it is not possible to see even the most famous sights in such a short time. Few things I have found interesting:

As for the conference itself, it has been a disappointment. Often the author of a well evaluated paper is not a good presenter. The most interesting presentations were those which showed at least some practical result (by practical I mean something that even I could understand, not something like "We have successfully used ontology in the context of X"). Probably the most interesting talk for me was the last keynote presented by somebody of Yahoo!, who has told pretty interesting details about their search engine and its distributed implementation.

In the same hotel as the conference there was a meeting of Japanese people living in Barcelona (or something), so at least I had an opportunity to say few Japanese words and to see real Japanese women in kimonos :-).

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Wed, 04 Jun 2008

Mobile Devices

Today part of the display of my Palm Tungsten T5 stopped working. The time for a new mobile device (and a new phone to replace my Nokia 6310i) has come. I would like the new device (or devices) to have the following properties:

Must have:

Prefered, but optional:

I expect to have the above features split within two devices (but it would be nice to have a single one). So far I am considering the following devices:

Nokia E90
A single device. Linux support is apparently poor, Japanese dictionary is only as a non-free software.
Nokia n810 + some not so smart phone
The phone: probably Nokia 6300, or something other with EDGE, bluetooth and camera. As for n810 - the problem is that it is not officially sold in the Czech republic. The OS support is not excellent: I used to have a n770, but it quickly got outdated with applications being released for the newest OS version only, and the newest OS was not available for 770. I am afraid the same will happen to n810 when the newer version is released.
OpenMoko FreeRunner
It does not have a camera, and apparently does not support SIM toolkit(?). It is not oficially sold in .cz. But it is a single device, and have other cool features like accelerometers and both open software and hardware.

Any other types? Maybe Nokia E51? What would you buy, my dear lazyweb?

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Tue, 03 Jun 2008

Google Shell

Probably the coolest thing I have seen in a while: Google Shell.

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