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Thu, 10 Aug 2006

Bluetooth File Transfer

Today I have spent some time trying to upload an image to Pavlína's phone - SonyEricsson T68i. I have succeeded, but it was not straightforward:

The positive side is, that on Fedora Core 5, the bluepin with D-Bus actually works, so it is possible to pair the devices inside the desktop environment, without writing the PIN to a config file. I have then tried gnokii to upload and download files, but without success. Gnokii supports T68i, it can identify it over Bluetooth (via a rfcomm link), but getting the list of files is not supported.

So I have tried OBEX file transfers. After some time I was able to connect via obex_test, and receive an empty file telecom/pb/0.vcf (from the examples found in the Web). However, I still did not know how to send files, and under which names (to which directories).

The next step was to use obex_push. I have misread the manpage, and I thought the "channel" parameter is compulsory. But I did not know the correct channel number. After a while, running obex_push without any argument helped: it prints that it sends/receives files on the channel #10. obex_push 10 phone:mac:addr /tmp/file.jpg then did what I expected.

The phone did receive the image, but refused to display it. After some more googling, I have found the list of T68i supported image formats - the JPEG I sent to the phone was bigger than 640x480 pixels...

I have then moved on to explore the desktop features of Bluetooth. gnome-bluetooth-manager can discover available devices (one of my neighbors has a laptop and Nokia 6230i in visible mode ;-), but did not do anything else, even when choosing "Properties" from the menu. gnome-obex-send allows to choose the device to which files are to be sent, but then unsuccessfully attempts to install an icon and exits. Later I have found, that with nautilus-sendto-bluetooth it is possible to send files with Nautilus' right-click menu.

On the other hand, I managed to get the receiving side, gnome-obex-server, working. It is just necessary to set up the directory to which files are to be uploaded.

So I think bluetooth file transfer more-or-less works, but the desktop part still needs to be improved.

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