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Wed, 04 Jun 2008

Mobile Devices

Today part of the display of my Palm Tungsten T5 stopped working. The time for a new mobile device (and a new phone to replace my Nokia 6310i) has come. I would like the new device (or devices) to have the following properties:

Must have:

Prefered, but optional:

I expect to have the above features split within two devices (but it would be nice to have a single one). So far I am considering the following devices:

Nokia E90
A single device. Linux support is apparently poor, Japanese dictionary is only as a non-free software.
Nokia n810 + some not so smart phone
The phone: probably Nokia 6300, or something other with EDGE, bluetooth and camera. As for n810 - the problem is that it is not officially sold in the Czech republic. The OS support is not excellent: I used to have a n770, but it quickly got outdated with applications being released for the newest OS version only, and the newest OS was not available for 770. I am afraid the same will happen to n810 when the newer version is released.
OpenMoko FreeRunner
It does not have a camera, and apparently does not support SIM toolkit(?). It is not oficially sold in .cz. But it is a single device, and have other cool features like accelerometers and both open software and hardware.

Any other types? Maybe Nokia E51? What would you buy, my dear lazyweb?

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