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25.2. — 27.2.2004

Hotel SANTON, Brno

Conference Profile

Znalosti 2004 (i.e. Knowledge 2004) is the third in the series of Czech-Slovak conferences devoted to knowledge acquisition, representation and exploitation. It will be held on

25-27 February 2004,

in the

Santon Hotel, Brno, Czech Republic.

The conception of conferences was a response to increasing interest in knowledge technologies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in the last few years. Theoreticians and practitioners from originally disparate professional communities start to recognise conference as an opportunity for exchanging opinions and experience, and for establishing scientific and business links. An important point is the interdisciplinary nature of key topics of the conference:

  • Knowledge discovery in databases binds the domain of Database Information Systems with those of Decision Support and Scientific Discovery
  • Methods of intelligent access to textual information combine the mathematical background of Information Retrieval with sophisticated methods of data representation (e.g. using mark--up languages) and semantic models
  • Knowledge Engineering is well on its way towards systematic application of computational logics on knowledge expressed in web-oriented languages ( XML, RDF)
  • An important role of the abovementioned disciplines is to provide technological support to the Knowledge Management in organisations.

The program of conference will consist of invited lectures, tutorials, panel discussion, contributed talks and company presentations. Further information can be obtained from the Program Chair of conference Vaclav Snasel.

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