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Tue, 07 Nov 2006

Energy drinks

Does anybody know how energy drinks are supposed to work? Last weekend we took part in TMOU 8. I have bought - probably for the first time in my life - an energy drink (its name was "Kamikaze" - lacking any other reasonable criteria for choosing an energy drink, I have bought the one with Kanji on it :-) in case I would get tired.

It was a bit cold during the night (I guess it was about -8 Celsius degrees), and at 4am I have decided that this was the right time for my Kamikaze. The results of drinking this very cold thing was strange: I have almost instantly felt very cold, and very sleepy. So I have laid down and fell asleep, while my teammates were trying to solve the stage 10.

Interestingly enough, when I awoke maybe half an hour or an hour later, I felt good, and I have solved the puzzle at the stage 10 in a very short time. Was it an effect of the energy drink? I don't think so - I remember TMOU in previous years, where short sleep has provided a big improvement in our performance as well, without any energy drink.

Do energy drinks actually work? What is your experience with them?

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