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Tue, 10 Jul 2007

Technical Museum

On Sunday I have visited Brno Technical Museum with Iva. I have not been there for maybe ten years. I think last time I was there was when the museum was still located in the centre of the city.

The museum is large, especially for a child like Iva, who get easily tired. We have only visited two expositions: an exposition of steam engines (they even have working models, propelled by compressed air instead of steam) and water turbines (which was a primary reason of our visit there, because Iva had seen a picture of a turbine in some book, and instead of trying to explain the workings of the turbine to her, I have decided to show a real thing to her).

The most interesting part of a museum, however, was the Experimentárium, a hall with real technical or physics experiments (like soap bubbles, parabolic sound reflectors, Foucault pendulum, photoelectric cells, etc.). Iva really liked this.

In my opinion, the Technical museum is worth visiting, and Iva really liked it. Recommended for everybody but technology haters.

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