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Sun, 02 Nov 2008

Stepping Madness

People around me became addicted to dancing computer games (like Dance Dance Revolution, Stepmania, or In The Groove). I have to admit I tried it, and became addicted too. We have even bought our own dance pads and we dance^Wstep at night.

DDR I think it is an excellent way of exercising in the late Autumn, when it is not possible to ride a bicycle because of instable weather. Even people with different level of skill can play together. Also there are many stepcharts, so one can even listen to the music he likes, instead of default songs. (image taken from the DDR Wikipedia page)

Stepmania has a Linux version (I had problem with it on my laptop with Intel chipset). I have also tried to compile it from the source, but failed because of incompatibilities between my newer C++ compiler and older Stepmania source code. I wonder why people these days still use C++ when it cannot sustain two or three years of the difference between the source code and the compiler. The CVS version compiled correctly, but needed a different format of the config files, which I did not have time to dig into further. In The Groove works flawlessly under Wine, though. It is pretty amazing to see how advanced Wine has became - it can even handle a 3D-accelerated game with synchronized sound (however, some people complained of worse sound sync than when running natively), USB joystick devices, etc.

Give it a try, it is really good!

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