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Fri, 02 May 2014


I bought a model rocket for my children (and myself, of course :-). We have assembled it, and on Thursday, we went out to give it a try.

model rocket

We have found a large field near Hády, and tried the rocket with an A8-3 motor. The weather was nice with almost no wind, and the rocket has returned after a nice flight about ten meters away from the launch pad. I would guess it reached the altitude of 50 to 100 meters. Another try with the same motor type gave a similar result. Then we attempted to use the strongest motor we had, a C6-7.

In the documentation it is stated that with C6-class motors it can reach about 335 meters of altitude. It was indeed something very different than A8-3. The rocket quickly disappeared out of sight. After several seconds, we managed to get a glimpse of it, as it deployed the parachute. However, there was apparently a stronger wind above, and despite having plenty of space in the field around us, the wind has carried it above the forest.

Despite searching for the rocket for half an hour or so, we have lost it. If you visit Hády in the near future, you can look for our rocket around this place.

Anyway, model rocketry is pretty interesting. Our next project is a 3D-printed rocket. We would like to start with something like the disposable rocket (I already have my own OpenSCAD variant of this design, without slanted fins), and move towards a full-fledged rocket with a return parachute, maybe carrying an on-board camera.

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