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Wed, 05 Dec 2007

Publish or Perish

Another deadline of the last month was a paper submission deadline to some conference. Well, I have decided that because I work for the company where academic titles matter, I need to restart my Ph.D. study.

I have submitted a paper about a (herein unspecified :-) problem, which I have tried to solve recently. The results are so far promising, so maybe they will accept the paper about these results as well.

When I have failed my previous attempt, it was mostly because my lack of time for doing a research in a topic that was not exactly related to my job. So I have decided that if I ever want to re-enter the Ph.D. study, the topic has to be something which I am directly involved in. My current plan is to have the sufficient number of publications first, and only then enroll to the Ph.D. studies, with the dissertation thesis topic already written. After defending it, submit the dissertation thesis itself.

Maybe I will have more luck this time.

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