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Thu, 15 Nov 2012

Printed Circuit Boards

For my bike lights I needed a PCB. Out of several services for manufacturing PCBs, I have chosen Itead Studio PCB prototyping service (the other candidate was Seeed studio). Here are the preliminary results:

bike lights PCB

I have placed my order on October 29th evening (Central European Time), according to Hong Kong post, the package was received by them on November 7th, it left Hong Kong on November 11th, and I have received it today, on November 15th.

They also have an interesting "Open source" program - the customer declares that his design is open source (mine is anyway), they make few more boards in addition to those the customer has ordered, and they send them to their other customers. The original customers gets his orderd boards, and in addition to that, two more boards from other open source projects. I have in fact got their demo board (on the right side), and one open source board (the white one). Apparently, it is Arduino 512KB SRAM expansion board. I currently don't use Arduino, so if any Arduino user is interested in this PCB, just let me know.

Okay, now it's time to take a soldering iron and play more with the hardware :-)

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