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Mon, 29 Oct 2007

Presentation style

I have already discussed problems with creating a presentation in Beamer. When we have talked about the presentation style, Mirka has told me about an interesting approach to the slides-based presentation:

Some people use a simple rule: one word per slide. It may seem too little, but seeing some YouTube videos has proved otherwise. There is even a (Japanese-based :-) term for those short talks: Pecha Kucha. Also, I have found a very interesting presentation (by its style, not only by its contents): look at Dick Hardt's OSCON 2005 keynote (warning: probably not suitable for epileptics; thanks to Mirka for showing this to me :-)

For conference talks, it may help. While I did not use such style for my XXXI. EurOpen slides, I have much shortened the text, and made an additional dynamics by using covered parts of the slides, changing colors (red-emphasized words in some phases of the frame), and pictures which were only vaguely related to the topic. I wonder how the evaluation marks from EurOpen will look like (as of this writing it is not published yet).

I also wonder whether such presentation style could be used for regular university lectures, which should sometimes have to be more in-depth.

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