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Tue, 11 Oct 2005

Looking for the Summer

Another insight into the way children program their brains with knowledge presented to them: Pavlína tried to explain to Iva that now the Autumn is beginning, tree leaves are starting to change their colors, and they will soon fall down. Iva has apparently understood this, as she has repeated all the above to me when I got back from work.


On Saturday, I was walking with Iva in a park. She was picking up flowers, and then she said about one particular flower: "Look, it is a corn!" I replied: "It is not a corn, it is some different flower." "Let's find a corn!", replied Iva. "It is too late. We can find corn during the Summer only. Now it is the Autumn.". Iva replied: "We must find the Summer!"

So apparently she did not properly learn that the names "Autumn" or "Summer" describe different time periods, and she thinks that they are names for some places. Oh well.

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