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Mon, 10 Oct 2005

Wanted: kitchen chairs

Our chairs in the kitchen are worn out and one of them even cracked (and I have fallen down from one :-). So we are looking for new chairs. We want something simple, with higher backboard, with a light finish (birch tree or something like that), and with darker and easy-to-clean padded seat.

ikea chair Apparently, there are no such chairs available: Sconto has similar almost the model we want, but they do not offer it in different types of wood or with differently coloured seats. IKEA has a single model which can be immediately recognized as a typical IKEA product (unfinished details, overall design, you name it). And ASKO has extravagant models only.

I think I will try to visit some smaller shops, but it looks pretty hopeless overall. It is the same problem as we usually have when we decide to buy something nontrivial (be it a kitchen chair, lamp or whatever): the problem is that we know almost exactly what we want, so it is harder for manufacturers to match our expectations.

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