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Mon, 10 Mar 2008

JLPT-4 Done!

As I wrote before, last December I have taken a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (4-kyu) exam. Today I've got the results: I have fortunately passed with 348 points out of 400 (i.e. 87 %), which is not so bad.

Now let's see whether I can manage to pass the 3-kyu this December. It means about 200 more Kanji and 700 more words learned, not counting things like grammar. So far I have found the following site with JLPT 3 resources. Unlike other sites, they at least have the Kanji and vocabulary in plain text form (and not Kanji images), so it is usable for importing into the learning software, etc.

Also I have found a nice archive of images of Kanji stroke order (available as animated GIFs or still PNGs with all phases in one row), and it even has a relatively free license, so it is usable in the learning software without tricks like deep linking.

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