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Tue, 09 Dec 2008


After a year, I went again to Budapest, to undertake a next level of Japanese language exam. A month ago I tried to do a pre-exam test, from which I had 57 % (the limit for the exam itself is 60 %). So I hoped I would manage to gain those remaining 3 % in the last month by studying hard.

In the end, I am not sure. The real exam was definitely harder than a pre exam, and I have a worse feeling from it. However, I have managed to learn almost all the required vocabulary and Kanji, so in this part of the exam I have definitely improved. The listening sucked as always, though. Fortunately, listening is only a small part of the exam. And as for grammar, there was less questions where I was totally sure about the answer, so I only have to hope my partial guesses have been correct.

If I fail, nothing happens. After all, the expected study time for JLPT 3 is 300 hours (of which 150 are supposedly required for JLPT 4). So far I have studied the JLPT 3 textbook for maybe three months only, one hour a week, so I am not exactly expected to pass the exam with this amount of work (altought I spent a good amount of time studying vocabulary and kanji myself besides regular Japanese lessons).

The results are due in March, so we will see.

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