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Mon, 05 Mar 2007

Japanese Numbers and Times

The topic of recent Japanese lessons was dates, time, and numbers. I found that even though I can say the numbers properly, I am very slow with it, as I always have to count from 1 to the desired number to find the right word :-(. So I have decided to write computer-based selftests for Japanese numbers, dates, and time.

For a long time I wanted to get know the applications for self-tests in our Information system. Japanese selftests were a good excuse to learn this agenda. The tests are available for anyone logged in to the IS MU. Click to the green icon to the left of the ".qdesc" file, and choose "Click to work with ROPOT." ("Zodpovědět odpovědník" in Czech).

As a side effect, I put the code for converting integers to Kanji and Hiragana to a separate module, so when I get some time to package it, I will upload it to CPAN, probably as Numbers::Japanese or something similar.

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