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Thu, 26 Oct 2006

The Exhaust Pipe

On Friday we have attempted to drive to Tři Studně. However, our car apparently had its own opinion on Friday evening - its exhaust pipe has broken, resulting in audiovisual effects (such as loud noise from the motor and sparks from the pipe being dragged on the surface of the motorway).

It was a bit of luck that the pipe has broken in its rear part, so the car has dragged it behind itself. Should it break in the front part, it would probably have taken the bumper with it. On the other hand, the car broke in an uphill part where there was no emergency stopping lane, but the slow vehicles lane instead. So our emergency triangle has lasted for few minutes only before some truck rode over it. I was then expecting some truck to ride over our car as well. Fortunately, it did not happen.

We were waiting behind the crash barrier, but unfortunately there was a steep slope there, so it was a bit inconvenient. Also Iva has noticed that there was something wrong, so she has cried all the time. Fortunately, after half an hour or so the rescue vehicle came (the price was about 2200 CZK from Devět křížů back to Brno, 2000 of which was covered by insurance - not so bad).

On Sunday, I went to Tři Studně with Iva only - we went there by train, but I took a bicycle with me as well. Guess what has become the best thing Iva likes to play at? She likes to play at repairing the broken exhaust pipe. Oh well.

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