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Wed, 05 Oct 2005

How to end up on my do-not-call list

At one faculty (which should remain unnamed here) of our university they decided to install a new chip card reader to their access system. I have prepared all the infrastructure (a few weeks ago), but the delivery of the reader itself has been delayed. Today after 8pm they installed a new reader, called to my office, and tried to persuade my colleagues to call me on my cell phone (or even to give them my cell number) in order to finish the software part of the installation right at that time, because it was apparently a very urgent thing. Like they did not know about it at least this morning or even earlier.

At the end they somehow managed to get my cell number (I suspect someone from the company which installs the card readers there), and called me on the phone. I just has been trying to lull Iva to sleep :-( I have sent back a resentful e-mail, and I have saved their phone number under the "Do not answer" name. However, I wonder whether I can create a personal black-list of phone numbers, for which the network even would not attempt to route their calls to me. Or whether it can be done inside my phone - to make a special group of phone numbers which never cause the phone to start ringing.

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