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Tue, 06 Nov 2012

DNS Lookup :-)

It seems my registrar will discontinue their "free" hosting (as in "bundled with the domain registration") soon, so I will have to move my domain mail and WWW servers elsewhere. There is no problem with that - I have a 24/7 running computer at home with good connectivity. There is one challenge, though:

The new DirectNIC service allows only one A record in the registered domain, when the domain is hosted on their DNS servers (no AAAA and no DNSSEC). So I am considering running my own DNS server in addition to mail and WWW servers. This would allow me to have A and AAAA records, SSHFP, and possibly the new DANE records. So I need someone to host a secondary DNS server. The requirements are:

Of course, I am willing to provide the same service to the other party. Is anybody interested? Thanks in advance.

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