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Wed, 26 Sep 2007

Beware of Patro.CZ

We have decided to buy a new electric kettle. Because we drink a lot of green tea, we went for a kettle with thermostatic regulation, so that it can switch itself off at 80 degrees Celsius instead of 100. I have used Patro.CZ e-shop many times, but this time it was a really unpleasant experience.

The kettle arrived, but we have soon realized that its thermostat is way off. Using thermometer we have found that when set to 80°C, the water really had around 63°C, and when set to 90°C, the real temperature was at 75°C. The Czech law allows the consumer to send goods from an Internet order back in 14 days with no questions asked (provided that it is not damaged, etc.). So we have decided to sent it back (so far I have not sent anything back to Patro.CZ). Few days ago it has arrived back with the following explanation: "According to our technician, the kettle shows signs of heavy usage". WTF? We have used it maybe up to 20 times, including the temperature measurement, and initial cleaning of the kettle.

In order to save my nerves, I have decided to fix the kettle myself: I have disassembled it, and after tightening a spring inside the temperature is more accurate (it is off by maybe 5°C, which is acceptable). As an additional bonus, I have learned how the kettle looks like in the inside and how it works.

And in order to not let Patro.CZ get out of this case so easily, I wrote this blog post: if you want to order something from them, beware that they may unlawfuly reject your returned goods.

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