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Mon, 31 Jan 2011

Is My Teaching Getting Bad?

The results of the final exam of the UNIX - Programming and System Administration I course make me wonder whether I am getting gradually dumb or bad at teaching.

PV065 statistics

I used to think that as I teach, I am getting to know more and more about the subject, as well as have less errors and more clean formulations in my presentations. My lectures are now available from the video archive, so the students can rewatch me presenting the topics they have not understood the first time again, if they wish. I have switched the presentation format from old and boring black-and-white DVI slides to new, colored, shiny and graphically rich LaTeX-beamer format (thanks to Jiří Boček from servistech). Also the exam format and even some of the questions are still the same as they have been since eight years ago.

So what am I doing wrong?

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