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Wed, 15 Feb 2006

Why Qmail should not be used

In the local Linux mailing list somebody asked which software should he choose for the mail server. I wrote a lengthy followup on why should not Qmail be used as a MTA for new installations. I think it is a good idea to rephrase this here. This comes from a person who maintains several Qmail instalations, including the listserver. This is not result of a short-time anger with Qmail, but rather a thought-out opinion, formed over years of Qmail usage.

Firstly, some advantages which Qmail have:

And now the shortcomings of Qmail:

The latest problem is the worst one, because it is a design problem - it is a shortcoming of Qmail's modularity. It cannot be solved without rewriting qmail-smtpd (but that would require that it can access the database of users/aliases/etc., so it would have to leave its chroot jail).

So my recommendation is: do not use qmail for new installations. Choose Postfix or something like that instead.

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