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Mon, 11 Aug 2008

What's Wrong With GIMP?

I have recently came across this discussion under the article at Root.CZ. More than half of the discussion is centered around GIMP and its (un)usability.

Every now and then I read those complaints: the GIMP user interface is bad, user-unfriendly, unintuitive, etc. As a casual GIMP user, I do not get it: for me, GIMP is easy to work with. As far as I can remember, when learning to work with it (and having previously used only simple bitmap editors like XPaint), the most mentally difficult feature for me were layers. Once I got used to what layer means and what can I do with it, I found it quite natural and intuitive.

Do you also find the GIMP unintuitive and hard to use? What part exactly you do not like?

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