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Fri, 30 Jan 2009

"Too late for -CS" Howto

Speaking on portability: I have recently came across a problem with the newest Perl. We start most of our scripts with the -CS or -CSD switch on the shebang line. Since perl-5.10, this no longer works, it fails with Too late for "-CS" option error message. While I don't understand what has led the Perl developers to this incompatible change, here is the workaround:

The -CS switch can be substituted with the following code at the beginning of the script:

use open ':std', ':utf8';
use open IO => ':bytes';

and the -CSD switch can be replaced with just

use open ':std', ':utf8';

Morale of the story: the most portable languages (and language features) are those which are sufficiently old (which Unicode support in Perl or the STL library in C++ is not). Apart from this problem Perl still seems to be a relatively portable language even for large projects such as IS MU.

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