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Thu, 25 Aug 2005

Your tea is ready!

a cup of tea When I prepare a tea at work, I usually forget when the tea is ready, which frequently leads to a dark, over-infused liquid, which is not suitable for drinking :-) I wondered whether there is an application which can remind me when the time is ready. Well, there is. I have found a teatime_applet for GNOME, which does just this - reminds me when the tea is ready. I have packaged it as a RPM(?), you can download the packages for Fedora Core 4 from my FTP directory (packages are signed by my RPM-signing GPG key).

The only problem is that the teatime applet depends on the gstreamer-gconf library to select a correct sound output device, and this library is not in Fedora Core 4 (nor in the FC4 Extras). So I have added an ugly patch to remove this dependency. If you know about the gstreamer-gconf packages for Fedora, or if you know about better way of removing this dependency, let me know.

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