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Tue, 30 Jan 2007

Social bookmarking

I was never much interested in this Web 2.0[?] thing and community sites. However, in IS MU there has been recently implemented a bookmarking system similar to, including tagging and other features. I found it easy to use this for keeping info about articles I want to read some time in the future (bookmark, tag, and forget). It is definitely better than my previous approach of keeping such "to read" articles as open tabs in Galeon.

There is also an added bonus of seeing other users' public bookmarks to find something interesting. Hopefully there will be a RSS interface too. For now, you can see my bookmarks (loosely) related to Linux at, or all my bookmarks at

I think it is different from in the user base - bookmarks can be added by authenticated users only, who are related to Masaryk University. Also the users of a (public) bookmark are publicly visible, which should probably reduce spam.

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