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Mon, 27 Feb 2006

Scripts from the past

On Friday I was trying to modify the way IS MU cluster uses for time synchronization - it turned out that the new servers in the IS MU cluster skew the clock - the clock is about 6.5s a day faster than the reference time. (the servers are based on Tyan Tomcat boards, which are - with the exception of this problem - excellent boards).

I have looked into the script we use to glue rdate(1), hwclock(8), and system logging together. There were the following lines written near the top of the script:

# Simple front_end to rdate (1)
# Nastaveni casu po siti.
# Jan Kasprzak 18.10. 1994

It seems that even in 1994 there was rdate(1), hwclock(8), and I used them both on Linux systems. How old is the oldest software you wrote which is still runing on your computers?

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