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Wed, 18 Oct 2006

Portal Technologies

Yesterday I've attended a new lecture - Portal Technologies in Practice.

The lecture is taught by people from, the biggest Czech portal. The first talk was about their map server. It was a bit non-technical, but interesting nevertheless. The future lectures are promised to be more technical and in-depth.

I've met Vlastimil Pečinka - the present CTO of - there after a quite long time. Many years ago I was a reviewer of his Master thesis, and we have discussed an architecture of IS MU mailserver at that time. His thesis was about the webmail server architecture, and he used it as a basis for implementation of, one of the Czech biggest free-(and non-free-)mails, now owned by

It is always rewarding to see a former student to achieve something great, it gives a feeling like the teaching is not so meaningless ;-)

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