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Wed, 10 Feb 2010

Playing with 6to4

We have finally got some time to work on native IPv6 inside a faculty network (which includes rewriting the iptables configuration to be protocol-neutral). In order to test it, I have enabled 6to4 at home.

So now I have a native IPv6 in my home network, and I can even directly SSH to devices in my home network from the university network, even though the home network is hidden behind a single IPv4 address. Apparently my traffic is routed symmetrically, as both directions use the same 6to4 relay in in Nuernberg.

As for the network parameters, I have a direct ping 13.2 ms, while the ping6 is 27.1ms. The transfer rate, on the other hand, is purely limited by my ISP (measured by SCPing a large file), and it is the same for both protocols - slightly above 500 KB/s. Now if only I had a nearer 6to4 relay (maybe in NIX.CZ?).

The setup in Fedora is relatively straightforward, except when the outgoing interface has an IPv4 address assigned from DHCP. So I had to add the IPv6 configuration manually, and will have to change it whenever I get a new IPv4 address (which is usually once per year or two).

Update - Wed, 10 Feb 2010: Fedora problems fixed

My previous statement about problems in Fedora was not true. I must have made a mistake somewhere, but after recheking my setup and restarting the network the 6to4 tunnel works as expected.

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