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Thu, 22 Jun 2006

Perl6 syntax

I have just came across the Perl6 Synopsis, so I wanted to see where the Perl development is heading to. I must say, I think moving to Perl6 would be a horrible task. I still did not read everything, but so far it seems some design decisions are a bit weird for me:

That said, there are definitely positive aspects of Perl6 as well - for example the ability to use any Unicode pair characters as comment or regex delimiters (for example the Japanese corner quotes in: "qr「match」"). But I think for me the above problems mean that I would have to stick with Perl5 as long as possible, or I would have to lear another language, which would have worse (or smaller) libraries than Perl has (Ruby), or which has even more annoying syntax (Python, the No-oneliners-please language).

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