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Wed, 26 Nov 2008

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Every half a year a new Fedora comes out, and every half a year I run into new bugs in software. As a responsible member of the community, I attempt to report bugs in hope that developers find my bug reports useful. I accept the fact that every software has bugs (altough there is a quite annoying class of bugs: feature removals. Those make previously usable software like gdm totally unusable for anything but the most simple setup). However, I recently started to doubt whether even the bug reports are wanted and worth my time.

I will show two examples: the first one is GNOME panel messing up applets after the screen resolution change. It has originally been reported in March 2004, four and half years ago. And there has been no response from developers since then, except occasionally marking some newer bug reports as a duplicate of this one.

And the second one is screen flicker on ATI X300 during install, which I have reported a day before the Fedora 8 release. Except for a "send more logs" request by Matěj Cepl shortly after the report, the activity of this bug report was zero, and today a warning about end-of-life of Fedora 8 has been added. I guess that nobody has looked at logs Matěj has requested, so his request was even further waste of both my and his time.

What is your experience? Are your bug reports being handled, or do they rot deeply buried in some bugzilla forever?

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