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Mon, 24 Jul 2006

Netbox Voice

After some time of using Ekiga as my softphone, I have decided to acquire a public phone number, reachable even from the PSTN. There are definitely cheaper providers, but I have chosen Netbox, my ISP. They can put the VoIP traffic to a different band of their bandwidth limiter, so I can use my network connection at the full speed, while using the softphone without loss of quality.

I use the software phone only - I do not want to have another blackbox (read: the Linksys VoIP gateway) at home. Ekiga is pretty easy to use, and I have my PC always on anyway.

There were some problems with setting it up, though:

So after a year or so, we have again a "land line", this time without a monthly fee, with much lower call rates than Český Telecom (now Telefónica) offers, and with immediately available calls history on the Netbox customer's web pages.

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