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Fri, 25 Nov 2005

Music Player Daemon

For a long time, I wanted to replace XMMS (the Ogg/MP3/... audio player for UNIX/X) with something better. XMMS has some serious flaws:

I had a wishlist (in Czech, sorry) of features for my new music player. I sent it to the local Linux mailing list, and someone pointed me to the Music Player Daemon. It is an excellent application - it runs as a daemon, which indexes the whole audio file repository on your computer, and plays the music on background. It can be controlled remotely over the TCP (even with authentication), and has various clients including a command-line client, GNOME client, and so on. When running a system-wide mpd, the music playing survives even your logging off and on. It is suitable even for my home dual-headed and dual-footed setup.

I have created MPD RPM packages for Fedora (the clients are available from Fedora Extras). Later I found out that even the daemon RPMs exist - they are in the repository (they cannot be in Extras because of the MP3 support).

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