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Wed, 31 Jan 2007


Few days ago I have (again) visited Mugshot pages. To my surprise I was able to create an account (during my last visit Mugshot was invite-only). Even Matthew Szulik mentions Mugshot in today's interview at AbcLinuxu (in Czech, but there is a link to the original English Ogg file near the bottom of the page). I occasionally see Mugshot being mentioned in various blogposts, mostly by Red Hat people.

But what is the purpose of Mugshot? Some Mugshot users talk about it as if it was the Next Big Thing(tm) since the sliced bread. I have registered to it, but I am not sure why people use it, and how they use it (I am talking about the WWW interface, I have not tried the standalone client yet).

For example: I (will :-) have a RSS feed of my bookmarks, and I think some of my friends would be interested in looking at these links. Why should they get them through Mugshot instead of subscribing to the RSS feed in their RSS readers? And still, I think publishing my bookmarks cannot be done in my account, but I have to create a private group and subscribe it to the RSS feed instead. On a different topci: Mugshot has some kind of IM connection, but it is AIM only (no Jabber from an open source company like Red Hat, WTF?).

So, are there any Mugshot users in my Lazyweb?

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