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Tue, 04 Apr 2006

Logging to /dev/console

I am upgrading a front-end server of our cluster (which runs heartbeat and ldirectord), to a new AMD64-based system. While playing with new version of ldirectord, I have found that it is acting a bit strange. It does not respond to SIGTERM, and it does not print anything to its log file. I does, though, set up the kernel IP virtual services table correctly.

While trying to debug this issue using strace(1), I have found that ldirectord opens /dev/console as its standard output and error output, and some messages are printed only to STDERR instead of syslog or the log file. My system has a serial console, and when there is no active terminal connected to the console port, writing to /dev/console simply hangs. I have reported it to their bugzilla as bug #1180.

However, it seems that the author of ldirectord is not sure about using /dev/null instead of /dev/console, even though I was not able to find any single daemon which uses console as its error output (see the comment #3). I believe using /dev/console for this purpose is plain wrong. What other arguments should I use to support my view?

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