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Wed, 03 Aug 2005

First post! (praising simple programs)

I've been thinking about making my own blog for some time now. I just haven't been sure about which software should I use. I wanted something simple, without the need for a heavy database back-end. I am playing with blosxom, and it looks like the blogging software. It is a simple 150-line CGI in Perl, not dependent on anything else, and it is possible to create entries using my favourite text editor. Simple, nice, extensible, and bloatless! I've found about blosxom by reading DaveM's blog. It is a pleasure to find such a simple, yet useful, software. Another example of this kind of programs is abcde - a CD encoding/ripping utility.

So, welcome to my blog! I hope I will get enough time to make it interesting (even though I write this primarily for myself).

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