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Fri, 03 Apr 2009

HTML <button> Tag

So I wanted to upgrade the form we use in IS MU in many places for selecting a printer, splitting the "print" and "download PDF" functionality to separate buttons. The problem is how to make it as backward-compatible as possible.

I basically wanted to have two buttons with the same name="..." attribute, and distinguish between them by their value="..." attribute. I have came across the cool new (for me anyway :-) HTML tag <button>, which does exactly what I want. I am able to use my own machine-readable value="...", and put the button label (localized) inside the <button>...</button>.

Except that it does not work in MSIE. That parody of a browser does not send back the value="..." attribute contents, but rather inner text of the <button> tag for all buttons in the form, not just for the actually clicked one. Stupid MSIE, die already.

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